Easter Egg Hunt

Find them all!

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Download Easter Egg Hunt for Halo Reach custom games on PC. Find them all!

Map: Easter Egg Hunt (Forge World) Game Type: Easter Egg Hunt (Action Sack) How to Add
Map and Game Type by MrYourWilly

There are 66 different eggs, 18 of them are in play at a time, randomized every 60 seconds. Play with up to four teams. The weapon spawns are the “eggs”. Take the egg back to one of your nests to score. Careful not to deposit it into one of your enemy’s nests.

You can’t kill your oponents, so just hunt for those eggs!

You can play with up to four teams - red, blue, green, & gold.


This definitely isn’t high-octane Halo customs content, and if you pull it out when everyone is engaged and having a good time you’re going to regret it. But it can be a chill way to relax and take a bathroom break while your party is regrouping for something more intense.