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Welcome to Halo Party, a currated collection of Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s best custom maps and game types for PC.

Hi I’m Taylor, I turn lights on and off for a living in the theater, but sometimes write code for fun. Halo 3 was a core part of my youth, and I put hundreds of hours into the game over thousands of matches.

When Halo Reach released for PC I was extremely excited to go back and relive some of my youth. Matchmaking can be good for a while, but the true Halo experience for me has always been the crazy custom game modes. Suprisingly I didn’t find a good resource for finding and sharing game modes. You either have to know which guy has some sweet game modes in his fileshare and hope they stay there, or download a cluttered jumble from MediaFire of hundreds of game modes and try to make sense of the mess.

Thus, Halo Party was born. I wrote this site in about 24 hours and it’s still in its early infancy. Expect lots to change, but I think even in this form it’s a useful lexicon of customs knowledge. For every map and game mode I’ve added you’ll find a brief description, a couple of screenshots, occasional videos, and of course download links. Now that the site has basic functionality I’m focusing on adding additional content - there are a lot of maps and we’ve only scratched the surface.

As the site grows I’m going to add more features that help match your lobby with the perfect maps for a night of Halo customs fun. Halo Party isn’t going to help you find friends to play with, there are better resources for that like the r/Halo Discord, but it will help you find the perfect maps to play with them.

If you have a game mode I’m missing, better pictures, a video guide, or anything else you think might make the site better, please let me know.

While you’re here I also want to point out that everything Halo is a Microsoft copyright, and this site is made in accordance with their game content usage rules. This project generates zero income, and is entirely a volunteer-based passion project out of love of the Halo community. Halo Party is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft. You can read our full disclaimer here, or on the bottom of every page.